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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Zombelina Presents: Creepy Magazine, Then vs. Now



Anonymous said...

Good Review! I agree Zombelina.

Tiffani said...

Great job Zombelina! =)

gord said...

Having not been around young children for quite some time (everyone in my family is slightly older), I just want to say I forgot how bananas and straight to the point kids can be.

This was a great (and surprisingly informative and informed) video. I laughed, and learned the whole way through. Great job!

Matt-suzaka said...

Nice job...pops may want to watch out, his job at the Vault is on shaky ground after that review!

I loved Creepy Magazine (and Eerie too!) when I was a kid, and I am always tempted to pick up a few original issues at cons. Maybe next time I will...I love the nostalgia that those classic horror stories have within them! Maybe I will even check out an issue of the new series while I'm at it too!

RayRay said...

An old buddy of mine had a huge collection of Creepy, Eerie and Heavy Metal he had inheritied from his uncle. When we were kids we spent hours and hours in his basement perusing these fantastic magazines. I loved Creepy, especially the older editions, which not only had great monsters, but were also just great tales.

There was one I can remember where a man is on the trail of a beast, perhaps the wendigo. He is in the deep woods in the middle of a blizzard. It is so cold he is hallucinating, and at one point in order to save his feet he has to put them in the fire he is huddled over. I remember this story so well because not all the fright came from the monster in the woods, but also from nature and the madness of the hunter's mind.

Zombelina said...

Thanks guys! I love doing reviews, and I might do another one soon.

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