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Awards, Accolades and Praise

**WINNER of the 2011 SPLATCADEMY AWARD for Best Horror Blog/Website, from DeadLantern.com!**

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**Nominated Best Horror Blog of 2008 and Best Fan Blog of 2010 by TotalFilm.com!**

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**Read by Debbie Harry of Blondie, and Richard Christy of The Howard Stern Show!**

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"Among the best sites around. Always insightful, written with genuine love and dark humor, and providing fresh takes on classic films or new movies. Love the site, wear the T-shirt and follow B-Sol's recommendations because he knows what he's talking about!" - Kevin Maher, host of Kevin Geeks Out

"The gold standard of horror blogs..." - Sean Abley of Fangoria.com's Gay of the Dead

"As the father of Jason and Mrs. Voorhees' real husband, I totally approve of VoH." - Victor Miller

"I read it all the time... I'm a big fan!" - Richard Christy of The Howard Stern Show

"You're blog is a blast!" - Ryan Mecum, author of Zombie Haiku

"It is so full of awesome win." - Best-selling novelist Leanna Renee Hieber

"You're the shit..." - Scream queen Monique Dupree

"The Vault is awesome!" - Bram Stoker-nominated author Scott Nicholson

"Brian is a smart guy with a great take on the genre, and this is a blog to check regularly." - Best-Horror-Movies.com

"Your blog kicks arse!... It is packed with interesting material. If only more blog sites were thus." - Stephen Studach, Midnight Echo

"One of the hardest-working bloggers out there, [and] one rad dude. Thought y'all should know that." - Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire 

"One of the most influential horror blogs on the Weird Wide Web. Great voice and fabulous information." - Day of the Woman

"I read a lot more horror blogs than YOU do (nyeah), and Solomon's is absolutely one of the best. Period. End of story. This discussion is over." - Scott Weinberg, Cinematical & FEARnet

"An excellent mix of straightforward reviews on horror movies along with insightful and personal commentary on the genre." - Zombos' Closet of Horror

"Brian sets his blog apart by not trying to be like anyone else... No question about it--it's a must-read." - Brutal as Hell

"The go-to-spot for horror genre news, analysis and knowledge. Where everything horror-related is served up with intelligence and wit." - John Kenneth Muir, horror critic

"He isn’t just a fan of the horror world, but lives it, believes in it and finds such joy in it..." - Babbling About Books

"One of our favorite joints..." - Kindertrauma

"Might just be the most entertaining horror blog out there... Mr. Sol maintains an air of dignity and class seldom seen in the hard-scrabble world of blogging. He's also one hell of a great writer." - Billy Loves Stu

"Everyone's I-Ching in the horror blogger world." - Fascination with Fear

"A-list horror blog... [A] relentlessly productive...engine of interweb copy." - And Now the Screaming Starts

"Brian Solomon is like a Cinderella story in the world of blogging." - I Love Horror

"I'm totally linking you on my site, and attaching myself, lamprey-like, to your MySpace and Facebook incarnations." - Paul Bibeau, author of Sundays with Vlad

"The articles are well-written and filled with behind-the-scenes information many sites do not try to explore." - Necrotic Cinema

"A nice little weblog..." - Cinefantastique

"Tons of informative horror movie news..." - The Horrors of It All

"Very knowledgeable, and done with a dry, wicked sense of humour." - Musings Across a Continuum

"Great for all things horror related. I don't know how he does it between work, managing two [ahem, four] blogs, Twittering, AND providing the horror nerd community with top notch interviews and news stories. I'm convinced he's cloned himself with someone 1/8th his size." - Planet of Terror

"What is there to say that hasn’t already been said about this wonderful blog? B-Sol works tirelessly to provide only the best in horror news and delightfully snarky commentary. A must read for anyone who calls themselves a horror fan." - Monster Land

"A leader in the horror blogging world." - The Horror Effect

"I am constantly inspired by his dedication to the growth of the horror community." - Chris Zenga, The Day After

"One of my favorite horror blogs..." - Wes Fierce, Horror Film Magazine

"Great reviews and a cool perspective. You won't want to leave the Vault." - The Lightning Bug's Lair

"One of the best horror-themed blogs out there." - Send More Cops

"A blog of which I was previously unaware, much to my personal shame." - Nate Yapp, Classic-Horror.com

"One of the most respected horror blogs on the inwebternet." - Slammed & Damned

"Wonderful..." - Fatally Yours

"Magnificent..." - Cinema Suicide

"Insanely excellent..." - Cinema Geek

"Indispensible..." - Frankensteinia

"Formidable..." - The Necro Files

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