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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Watch Joe the Plumber's Gruesome Demise on DVD

No, I'm not talking about John McCain's infamous campaign gimmick--but rather the unlucky horror film character who happens to very amusingly bear the exact same moniker. You see, Joe features prominently in the Lucio Fulci masterwork The Beyond, which returns to DVD today in its most deluxe edition yet.

Its been six years since the movie generally regarded as the gore-meister's best last surfaced on disc as part of Anchor Bay's Lucio Fulci Collection. But now, thanks to Sage Stallone's Grindhouse Releasing--the same company that brought you the recent deluxe edition of Cannibal Holocaust--the surreal picture is getting quite the nifty little re-release.

For one thing, it's got a brand-new digital anamorphic transfer of the print and a surround-sound remix which were not available on previous editions, as well as a rare on-set interview with the director, and interviews with the stars and crew. Although it features the same commentary from Catriona MacColl and David Warbeck included on the film's initial 2000 DVD release, it does have an exclusive introduction by Ms. MacColl as well. Plus, it has a subtitled Italian language option, which I don't believe has ever been offered before.

I spotted the DVD over the weekend being offered for early sale at Catriona MacColl's table at Chiller Theatre, and cheaped out on picking it up--which I now regret. This looks like a terrific release for a movie that defines cult classic. And how awesome is it that it actually has a guy named Joe the Plumber in it? Fulci was a visionary, man! By the way, here's poor Joe's big scene:


The Headless Werewolf said...

And isn't David Warbeck's character named John McCain, or something like that . . .?

I'm watching the DVD now, and it looks and sounds great!

B-Sol said...

It's John McCabe, which is still pretty eerie.

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