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Monday, November 17, 2008

Friedkin and Blatty Reunite for Exorcist Blu-Ray Special Feature

I'm trying real hard to resist jumping on the Blu-Ray bandwagon, only because I despise the idea of being suckered into buying the same titles over and over again (and really, how goddam clear do I need my picture and sound to be???) That said, it's getting harder and harder.

William Friedkin, director of The Exorcist, is a major fan of the Blu-Ray format, and has been working hard to generate a boatload of special features for the impending Blu-Ray release of his masterwork, despite the release still being nearly a year away.

The National Ledger reports that Friedkin has reached out to Exorcist author William Peter Blatty, and the two men will engage in a walking tour of all the famous locations in and around Georgetown, where the movie was filmed some 35 years ago. The tour will be filmed, and included on the Blu-Ray special edition. I just eat up that sort of thing. As anyone would be, I'm looking forward to seeing that sick staircase. Hopefully it still exists.

This doesn't mean ol' B-Sol is ready to make that switch to Blu-Ray just yet. For one thing, I'm looking forward to DVD prices dropping through the floor in the next couple years once the rest of you saps make the switch!

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HORROR SURVEY UPDATE: For those wondering, the tallying process for my grand poll of the "Cyber-Horror Elite" is currently well underway. In fact, the first round is done, and I have a list of the fifty. My issue right now is that several of the titles are tied for various positions, so I'm hosting a series of back-room run-off elections to determine the final positioning. When all is said and done, it should be one hell of a list: The 50 greatest horror movies of all time, as determined by some of the web's most prominent horror bloggers and writers. And I'm honored to have folks like Brad Miska of Bloody Disgusting, Stacie Ponder of Final Girl, Kim Paffenroth, John Kenneth Muir, BC of Horror-Movie-a-Day, Pierre Fournier of Frankensteinia, Chad Helder and many others participating. Stay tuned, it won't be much longer now...


Judson Scott said...

I wanna get down on the list. Why not me!? I'm self professed horror junkie, my friends would say obsessed, others might say elitist. Either way, I want my say, I wanna be a part of the real list!

B-Sol said...

I appreciate the interest Judson, but we're getting to the finish line in the tabulations, so to take on new voters now would sully the validity of the survey. There'll be no Florida shenanigans in this vote, not on my watch!

RJ Sevin said...

I recently made the switch to Blu-Ray. It's pretty amazing, when seen on a good HDTV (make sure you use an HDMI cable, not a component cable). The difference between standard def DVD and Blu-Ray is the difference between VHS and DVD. It's awesome.

The resolution is essentially that of film, so there will never be a higher-def format than HD. (Until, at least, they start getting into immersive multi-screen 3-D and nano-ocular-impalnts and stuff, of course.)

Blu-Ray is almost certainly the last "hard" format, though. After it runs its course (probably in about five to eight years), direct downloads will forever replace the disc format. Your entire movie collection will be contained in a little black box atop (or probably inside of) your TV.

Which means that you'll be buying THE EXORCIST *again*.


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