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Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Weekend from Hieronymus Bosch!!


Claudio Tomassini said...

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Anonymous said...

RayRay - I have loved this incredible painting since I studied it in some depth my freshman year of college. Each panel is heavy with unspoken content. There is a massive amount of double entendre [am I spelling that right?] analogies from that time [which means, you would need to be a master of 15th century northern European culture to understand it all].

But the Hell panel of the triptych [am I spealling that correctly?] is by far the most compelling, with the torture, the war, the massive face staring back at you. It is the Hell of madness, of animal lusts and passions, of war and destruction. It was the Hell they were awaiting at any given moment.

B-Sol said...

What I love about it is that Bosch had little more than his own imagination to go on when creating this imagery. Meaning, he didn't have decades worth of pop culture, movies, etc. on which to draw when creating his nightmarish visions. Brilliant.

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