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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Random Ramblings from the Vault...

  • The Cyber Horror Awards are in full swing, with online horror critics and bloggers sending in ballots left and right. If you haven't yet, don't forget to do so by the first week of March, when the 2009 winners shall be announced!
  • Happy belated birthday to George Romero, who turned 70 a couple days ago. As much as I love me a good zombie movie though, news of the upcoming sequel to Diary of the Dead makes me officially say, "OK George, enough with the dead people." Don't you have a romantic comedy in you, or something?
  • So this Frozen pic is supposed to a big deal, eh? I see everyone talkin' about it. May just have to look into this whole brouhaha.
  • I hope folks are enjoying the "Many Faces of..." photo feature here in the Vault. If you have any favorite horror actors/actresses you'd like to see featured, feel free to drop me a line!
  • How crazy is this Fangoria thing? Sad to see a genre institution going through such turmoil, but can't help but agree with former Fangoria.com head honcho James Zahn that it had become hopelessly outdated, especially the magazine incarnation. Having worked for an entertainment based magazine for years, I can also sympathize with much of the shenanigans Zahn describes...
  • The remake of The Crazies could very well be another one to supersede the original. Romero's film was plagued with difficulties, and the word on the street is that this new one could very well be a better picture.
  • Kevin Smith seems to still have the horror project Red State on his radar. I say this is good news. It's high time Mr. View Askew directs his prodigious talents to something other than weed humor and dick jokes.
  • Newly added to my list of non-horror movies that are scary as hell? 2001: A Space Odyssey. Between the sociopathic HAL, the Monolith, and that seriously tripped-out ending, it's every bit as chilling as you'd expect most Kubrick flicks to be.
  • Essential geek website Fandomania is currently conducting a reader to determine the 100 Greatest Books of All Time. Never one to pass up an opportunity to pontificate, I voted last week. I encourage you to, as well.
  • In the continuing effort to have absolutely no free time whatsoever, I've started one of them new-fangled Tumblr blogs. Check it out, and if you have one yourself, feel free to follow mine. It's called Proof of a Benevolent God, and basically is a daily chronicle of things that make me smile. Those things are needed some days more than others.
  • Apparently there's some kind of big football game tonight? Only seen three of 'em in 35 years, not inclined to add a fourth. I have no money on it, my town's not in it, and so far no one has succeeded in explaining to me what the hell is going on on the field. Who dat? Dat's me checking out all the cool commercials tomorrow morning :-)


Chuck Conry said...

You know that whole last trippy segment of 2001 syncs perfectly with Pink Floyd's song Echoes. Same length and everything.

B-Sol said...

I'll have to try that! What is it with Pink Floyd syncing their songs up with movies??

Unknown said...

2001 is one of the chapters in my work-in-progress book on films that straddle the edge of the horror genre.

Unknown said...

What's the word on Red State? How much closer is it to getting made?

Thant and the Joss Whednon penned "Cabin in the Woods" are the two projects I'm most looking forward to learning more about this year.

The new Crazies looks spectacular. February might be a bonafide goldmine for horror fans.

B-Sol said...

Now that's a book I'd be interested in checking out, Nate.
Mike, all I've heard on Red State is that Smith is looking for funding. Apparently, he was on the fence about whether or not he wanted to make it, but now he does.

the jaded viewer said...

B-Sol - See Frozen...definitely worth the time and it looks like Adam Green needs it.

Theater was almost empty when I saw it.

B-Sol said...

I really didn't care for Hatchet at all--I hope this one is better.

ein doppelganger said...

Oh no whats happening to Fangoria? I have heard nothing.

B-Sol said...

It went through a pretty serious management shakeup.

ein doppelganger said...

Oh wow,
Well the magazine hasnt been the same for me in a long time but neither has horror : /

Thanks for the info!!


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