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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"We Are Going to Eat You!" ZOMBI 2 DVD Commentary from B-Sol & Capt. Cruella!

For those of you living in the Outer Rim territories, the outstanding horror site Brutal as Hell just unleashed Zombie Jesus Weekend in recognition of Easter, and it sure was a lot of unwholesome, sacrilegious fun. And Captain Cruella and I were tickled pink when BAH impresario Marc Patterson invited us to be a part of it! Marc gave us carte blanche, and so we came up with the delightful idea of providing our very own "DVD commentary" for one of the most heinous grindhouse zombie movies of all time, Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2.

This ran on Brutal as Hell over the weekend, but I couldn't resist reposting it here for all you Vault dwellers, and so with Mr. Patterson's blessing--here it is! For those unfamiliar, the way it works is simple: sync up the audio of our commentary with your DVD of Zombi 2, starting both simultaneously so that our track plays over the movie. And just like that, it's like you're watching it with us... This was tremendously enjoyable to record, and I hope you get even half the kick out of it that we did.

Listen on the embedded player below, or download it for later use!

And while you're listening, take the experience to the next level (courtesy of Cruella's Concoctions) by enjoying a Caipirinha, a fine cocktail that fits right in with the tropical theme of Fulci's flick!


NightlySun said...

wow, that's cool!

Zombie Games said...

why do all the girls look x10 hotter in horror movies lol

B-Sol said...

Must have something to do with their being in mortal danger...

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