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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Many Faces of King Kong


gord said...

I love me some King Kong, especially the Toho efforts, so amazing.

How did you feel Brian about the '76 Kong remake? I frankly couldn't believe how talky and boring it was.

Matt said...

Yeah, the King rocks. I love the original film but I first saw the character in the animated series from the 1960s. The Toho versions are fun, but Peter Jackson's remake was so overdone (instead of fighting one T-Rex he has to fight a dozen or so) I couldn't enjoy it.

B-Sol said...

Not really a fan of the 1976 version--although anything is better than the Peter Jackson version, which I detested... The original will always be far and away the best, and the Toho version is a lot of fun, as well.

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