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Thursday, June 2, 2011

How YOU Can Help Nightbreed's Dr. Decker Return to the Silver Screen

Back in the spring of 1990, just before discovering girls, I discovered a film that would stay with me for all time after. It was a film that didn't make much of an impact at the time--in fact, I was alone amongst my friends in liking it--but would go on to become a cult classic in more recent times. That film was Clive Barker's Nightbreed, in my opinion the greatest horror flick to come from the formidable imagination of Mr. Barker.

After leaving the old Marboro theater on Bay Parkway in Brooklyn, I was instantly obsessed with the dark, macabre vision that had been laid out before me. However, I was amazed that the movie seemed to utterly disappear into the ether. That said, it warmed my heart to see it gain such a following much later on. And now, that rabid following may just lead to a very impressive fan film expansion--if one highly dedicated and enthusiastic filmmaker gets the funding he needs, that is.

New York's Matthew Gilbert is one such rabid Nightbreed fan, and his lifelong dream has been to expand on the Nightbreed universe by making a film about the notorious Dr. Decker, played with cold, terrifying precision by David Cronenberg in the original Barker film. Gilbert's vision is to trace the origins of Decker's psychosis, and the mad killing spree that takes place largely before the events of Nightbreed. And so, he's taken his cause to the masses.

If you go here, you will learn all you need to know, straight from the hopeful filmmaker's mouth, about his plans and what they entail. It's a bold ambition, and yet unfortunately at the moment, he is far from his goal. Posted on Kickstarter.com, the project will only be funded if $5,000 is raised by Sunday, July 10. As of this writing, Gilbert's total stands at $160. That's a long way to go, but we can help, Vault dwellers.

Do you love Nightbreed as Gilbert and myself do? Do you support quality independent horror filmmaking? Then take some time out to donate to this very worthy cause. As if the satisfaction of helping to create a Dr. Decker prequel is not enough, Gilbert and his associates are offering some very tantalizing rewards for generous backers. They range from a simple $5 donation, which gets you a mention in the film's ending credits, all the way up to a $3,000 donation, which gets you an Executive Producer credit and full participation in the making of the movie. There are lots of tiers in between (including a speaking role in the picture), which you can learn more about at Kickstarter.

In short, this is an endeavor worth supporting. Gilbert is obviously a passionate filmmaker looking to provide something valuable and entertaining to a highly devoted fan base which has not really gotten anything to write home about in two decades. And if The Vault of Horror can somehow help to make this happen, I would consider that one of the finest accomplishments of my blogging career.

Support Dr. Decker on Kickstarter
Dr. Decker Production Blog
Dr. Decker Facebook page

* Thanks to Kevin Maher for bringing this to my attention!


braankraayon said...

I've always considered Nightbredd to be superior to Hellraiser. This is a fan film I can getr behind.

Matthew Gilbert said...

Thanks so much for helping us spread the word. Hopefully, we can resurrect Dr. Decker soon!

Will Errickson said...

Wow, best of luck. Sounds like it could be interesting. I'm sure Barker will give his okay!

Adam_Y said...

I like the idea that Mr Gilbert mentions matching the look of the original film... That's something a lot of the recent remakes seemed to have missed. The early 90s films had a strange, surreal look because of the film stock and technology used... slightly dream like.

I guess that was my point... this is far better than a reboot, a remake, a re-imagining (a phrase that makes me wonder if those film makers regard their fans as lacking their own imagination).

B-Sol said...

Definitely a fan project well worth supporting. Matthew, best of luck with this, seriously. Please keep me posted on the progress!

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