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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Confirmed: New Nightmare Flick Will Be a Remake!

In Variety's second major horror news break of the day, it has been confirmed that the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie announced a few weeks ago will not be a sequel or a prequel, but will, in fact, be a remake of the 1984 Wes Craven original.
New Line Cinema has assigned the task to Platinum Dunes, the company that produced the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Amityville Horror remakes, and is also in charge of the new Friday the 13th "re-imagining". Oh yeah, and Platinum Dunes is also working on the Near Dark remake for Rogue Pictures, as well as the Birds remake for Universal. So anyone who's pissed about the rash of horror remakes--you now know who to rail against.
No word on whether Robert Englund will be reprising the role of Freddy Krueger, but with the project now being a remake, smart money says the role will be going to someone else this time around.
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