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Monday, January 14, 2008

MEGA-SPOILER! Cloverfield Monster Revealed

With mere days to go, the Cloverfield hype machine is cranking at a fever pitch, and now the mother of all spoilers has dropped. This is something that has been out there for a couple of days now, but owing to my exceptional journalistic integrity, I was sitting on it until it could be reasonably confirmed.

The drawing of the giant beastie that tears up Manhattan in the film that opens this weekend first appeared on /Film a couple of days ago, and now the fanboys over at Unfiction have apparently confirmed that it was made by someone who actually attended an advanced screening of the movie:

(Note to self: If you ever make a giant monster movie, make sure not to invite any professional illustrators to the advanced screening.)

I will say that the extra set of massive claws is a neat touch, but other than that, it seems decidedly run-of-the-mill after all the hype we've been inundated with. Then again, could anything live up to it? I think movie marketers are going to find that is the problem with this new viral craze--it inevitably leads to backlash and disappointment. Of course, all the webgeeks also need to realize that they probably make up 15-20% of the people who will be going to see this movie, tops. Meaning that the vast majority of its sure-to-be-record-setting audience this weekend has probably never been exposed to a single pixel of Cloverfield internet propaganda.

For several more fan illustrations of the monster, go to /Film.


Unknown said...

Cool. I like the look of the monster and I am looking forward to going and see Cloverfield this weekend.

Horror Dvds

Anonymous said...

This is not the monster. Sorry to share the bad news.

B-Sol said...

Hmmmm...Not bad news at all. Very interesting, actually. I'm assuming then that you've seen the movie. If that's true, then it just continues to build the suspense, doesn't it. Cool.

Mark Hodgson said...

That artwork looks a lot like the monster from South Korea's recent THE HOST.

B-Sol said...

Others have said the same thing. I haven't seen The Host, so it's tough for me to judge.

Mr. Karswell said...

I just got back from Cloverfield and this definitely is NOT the monster.

I think it is The Host actually, hard to remember though cuz I saw it over a year ago.

B-Sol said...

I don't know--I just got back from it as well, and I think it was. The two sets of arms, the bags on the side of the face were all there. The face looked somewhat different, more humanoid in the movie--maybe this was actually an earlier production sketch?

Dove said...

I think all this debate and speculation may just be more entertaining than the monster itself.

Still, I thought the monster pic cool, I just love creatures and the front arms with claws look nasty.

B-Sol said...

Yes, all the viral marketing and debate they stirred up was a brilliant bit of showmanship. But the movie really is excellent, and didn't even need these kinds of smoke-and-mirrors tricks to help sell it (like Blair Witch did). You can enjoy it even if you haven't ever seen a single online video.

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