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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mel Brooks Talks to Fangoria

Fangoria recently scored a major coupe when the legendary writer/actor/director Mel Brooks sat down for an interview on the horror magazine's Sirius Sattelite Radio show. The first part of the transcript of the 90-minute interview has been posted at Fangoria.com, and it's a good read.

Brooks touches on a variety of topics, including his zombie-loving son Max (author of World War Z), how Gene Hackman came to play the blind man in Young Frankenstein, and why there will never be a film adaptation of the new YF Broadway musical (whew!).

He does go on a bit about that new ho-hum production, which I presume he was there to promote. But if you can get through that, it's worth a look. Fango promises to post the remainder of the transcript soon.

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