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Monday, May 5, 2008

REVEALED: Two-Face in All His Horrific Glory!

Could this be the fate of District Attorney Harvey Dent in July's highly anticipated Batman sequel, The Dark Knight? It might not be a horror movie, but with a character who looks like that, it's sure to have some crossover appeal!
ComicBookResources.com set the web on fire by leaking this shot of Aaron Eckhart in full-on Two-Face mode. Might it be a fake? That's the question many are pondering--but Warner Bros. certainly lent some extra credibility to the pic when they made CBR take it down. I certainly hope this is the real thing. Two-Face needs to be a frightening, nightmarish character--not the clown Tommy Lee Jones portrayed in Batman Forever.


Wes Fierce said...

It definitely looks badass, but it looks too cartoonish for it to be real. A Stan Winston or Rick Baker version would be way more awesome than that.

gord said...

Looks fake to me. Plus it looks CGI, and I would have thought they'd go with practical effects.

Tommy! said...

Oh man! If this photo is real then this movie, which already looks great, is gonna be even better! I'm gonna go wait in line for tickets right now!

BATMAN FAN? Visit The Bat-Blog!

Thanks, Tommy

B-Sol said...

Wes: Cartoonish? Hey, if you wanna talk cartoonish, this is a MAJOR improvement over Batman Forever. Cut these folks some slack!
Gord: That's the big question, isn't it? We shall see.

Anonymous said...

That is a scary two-face.

Mr. Karswell said...

This is what Jim Carrey's Fire Marshall Bill character should have looked like on In Living Color.

The Macabre World said...

looks cool
...but also looks very fake, like it was done in photoshop or with CGI as a concept
still awesome though

B-Sol said...

I'm starting to think this is from some kind of CGI test, but that the final look will be very similar.

sexy said...






Anonymous said...


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