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Monday, June 9, 2008

30 Days Sequel: DTV or Not DTV?

I liked 30 Days of Night. I really did, and was a little confused at some of the backlash against a stylish vampire film with more quality than the majority of American horror movies these days. That's why I was initially excited by the rumors of a sequel from Ghost House Pictures, then saddened by the rumor that it would be released straight to DVD.

Well now it seems that 30 Days of Night writer Steve Niles is denying the latter report. In speaking with ShockTillYouDrop last week, he claimed it was completely untrue, and that he has no idea where rumors of a DTV release would be c0ming from. Furthermore, he stated that he and director David Slade would be involved once again, should the presumably theatrically released sequel come to fruition.

30 Days of Night topped the box office in its opening weekend, which would point to the feasability of a sequel. But it also paradoxically earned only $39 million, which might put a theatrical sequel on shaky ground. Clearly, someone doesn't have their facts straight here.


gord said...

I thought 30 Days was alright. It was certainly stylistic as you said, had great cinematography, and was awesomely and unapologetically violent. But at the same time I couldn't help but think the entire time, 'how the fuck, do these vampires not know where these survivors are?' For such a kill happy and sadistic group, they didn't exactly do a good job, in any regard really.

B-Sol said...

I agree, there were some big flaws in logic, but still a very slick and enjoyable movie.

Screaming Banshee said...

30 Days had it's moments. i thought the violence was great - appropriate. the thing that bothered me (but not more than the cheeseball forced romance) was the klingon dialect and uninspired image of the vampires who obviously couldn't speak with thier dentures. check out the upcoming online 30 Days of Night series, Dust To Dust images. THAT vampire looks efin COOL!

Jo said...

30 Days of Night was an highlight of movies that came out in recent history. A sequel would rule I think, especially if they could cut out the unneeded love scenes. Gahhh.


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