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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Will We See More Than Jason's Sack?

The answer to the above question would appear to be "Yes". According to IESB.net, Jason Voorhees will wear both the potato sack and famous hockey mask over the course of the Friday the 13th reboot, set to release on February 13, 2009.

Producer Brad Fuller told IESB that the new film will condense the first three movies of the original series. I'm not sure if this means that Jason's mother Pamela will make an appearance at the beginning, but it does mean that Jason will start out his killing spree wearing the sack (from Part 2), and then transition to the mask (from Part 3) at a key moment in the film.

Rumor has it that the crucial mask-donning scene has been shot both from behind and from the front, and that the decision will be made during the editing process whether to show Jason's face.


gord said...

I say nay on face showing.

Jo said...

I agree- no face showing!

Anonymous said...

RayRay - They would be foolish to show his face in the remake. When creators seek to reveal that which is the central mystery to a character, it has to be done either perfectly or not at all. And 99 out of 100 times these endevours fail miserably. The biggest reason is that once the cat is out of the bag it cannot be put back in, and the mystery is half the draw to that character.

B-Sol said...

But if I'm not mistaken, didn't they reveal Jason's face in just about every single movie in the series?

Anonymous said...

We have seen his face, can't remember which episode 3 or 4 either way it was when he was wearing the mask. I remember this because I remember saying out loud, 'not the mask, don't take the mask off, don't wanna see the face.' Seriously it was horrid, so we have already seen the face proper like and he aint pretty no more.

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