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Friday, September 26, 2008

Download Director/Actor Commentaries for Child's Play and Fright Night

I know I just ran a Tom Holland-related story a few days ago, but tonight's discovery is just too cool to ignore. And if you're a fan of Holland's work, then I'm sure you certainly won't mind.

Tim Sullivan's Icons of Fright website has somehow managed to corral Holland and some of his collaborators on his two finest horror efforts, Child's Play and Fright Night, in order to record a series of "pirate" movie commentaries. These commentaries are now available at Icons of Fright, and can be downloaded for free, and then literally played while watching the DVD of their respective film.

There's a Child's Play commentary with Holland alone. Then, there are two Fright Night commentaries: one with Holland along with stars Chris Sarandon and Jonathan Stark, and the other with Holland along with stars William Ragsdale and Stephen Geoffreys, and FX artist Randall William Cook. (Right-click on the links to save each commentary as an mp3.)

This whole unofficial commentary thing is a brilliant idea which I think hasn't been done enough, probably because it takes a lot of tenacity--and maybe a little bit of moolah--on the part of website editors to make it happen.


gord said...

Very awesome. I've also enjoyed the unofficial commentaries for the current run of Battlestar Galactica, and Aronofsky's The Fountain.

Anonymous said...

I just picked up the 20th anniversary edition of Child's Play and now you've given me something else to do with the movie. The commentary should be interesting.

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