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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SPOILERS! What's Next for True Blood?

I've been very impressed with HBO's True Blood thus far, and had been reading up about it lately, when what do I come across on TV.com but a whole bunch of episode synopses, going all the way through chapter 8 of the 10-episode first season.

I'm sure these things are probably available a lot of other places on the web by now, but in case you're interested, here are the descriptions for the next five episodes in the vampire series:

Season 1, Ep 4: Escape From Dragon House

When one of Merlotte's barmaids is murdered, all fingers point to Jason. And Sookie goes to new territory to find the truth and prove her brother's innocence.
Airs: 9/28/2008

Season 1, Ep 5: Sparks Fly Out

At the Descendants of the Glorious Dead meeting Bill is invited to talk about his life as a Confederate Soldier. Bill then has a question and answer session when one member of the DGD shows Bill a tintype of the Compton family. Sam, Sookie, Tara and Jason are also present at the Descendants of the Glorious Dead meeting. Sookie deals with a loss of someone close to her. Jason notices Tara while he is high on vampire blood.
Airs: 10/5/2008

Season 1, Ep 6: Cold Ground

Sookie seeks solace from her friends after facing a tragedy. Jason suffers from withrawal symptoms. Sam and Tara share a bond in searching a common goal.
Airs: 10/12/2008

Season 1, Ep 7: Burning House of Love

Bill gets into action after he learns of Sookies painful past. Jason makes a connection with Amy in Fangtasia searching for V juice. A trio of mysterious red necks come for their old friend Bill seeking justice against vampires.
Airs: 10/19/2008

Season 1, Ep 8: The Fourth Man in the Fire

Sookie braces herself for more tragedy. Tara thinks of a new approach with dealing with her anger by adopting a similar therapy to Lettie Mae. Amy charms a crowd showing a darker side to Jason after the V juice runs out. Bill persuades Sookie into helping Eric using her gifts to catch criminals.
Airs: 10/26/2008

Could those "mysterious red necks" be vampire hunters? Will Tara's trials and tribulations ever have anything to do with the rest of the show? These capsules give just a little taste, without revealing any specifics. Plus, the contents of the final two episodes are completely unknown. What is known is the series has already been renewed for a second season. Good news for anyone suffering through Fear Itself for their horror TV fix.


Anonymous said...

I actually read the series of books this series is based on a few years ago and I have to say hat I am loving the show. It is kind of funny to watch with my wife who has not read the books and I know some things about some of the characters that are total spoilers to the future of the show. It is hard to keep my mouth shut.

However after reading the books I would say they have cast this thing perfectly. Well that and what straight man can't get enough of Anna Paquin?

Good to see others are enjoying the show.

B-Sol said...

From what I understand, the series is actually better than the books--would you agree? Funny, your viewing experience was similar to mine with Rome--I knew more about Roman history than my wife, so I already knew a lot of what was going to happen.

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