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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Night of the Living Teds

What could possibly be frightening about cute, cuddly, adorable little teddy bears? Well, artist Christopher Zenga has reached deep within his splendidly wicked imagination to answer that very question. The result: ZomBears.


A series of charcoal and oil-paint illustrations of teddy bears taking the guise of classic movie monsters and other horrific forms from Zenga's dark subconscious, the first grouping of ZomBear pieces is now complete.


"When I started my icon Series I had always planned on doing the classic Universal Monsters," writes Zenga in his own blog, The Day After. "I love new horror very much... but lets be honest, without films like The Wolf Man or Frankenstein, we would not have Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger today."

The Bride of FrankenTedd

Now that the first series of ZomBear illustrations is finished, Zenga is offering print reproductions for sale. I urge readers to check these out, not merely because they're unique and interesting, but also because Zenga plans to donate a portion of his sales to the B.R.A.F.F. organization, a charity dedicated to the adoption and welfare of children in the Baikal region of Russia and Mongolia (more on them in the coming weeks).

Our ZomBear of Fatima

Ah, sweet blasphemy. Your work warms my heart, Chris!


Anonymous said...

Very cool idea, the drawings are fantasic. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Wow, very very nice drawings! love it!

Anonymous said...

These look awesome! Great work - can't wait to see what else you have coming.

Anonymous said...

How creative! I can't wait to see what's next!

Anonymous said...

These things are excellent!! Check out "Ted the Ripper" on Chris' RedBubble store...awesome!!

Anonymous said...

love the artwork, it truly is original. good to see a breath of fresh air being pumped into art.... maybe one day i'll see a darth teddy

Anonymous said...

Adorable. Great detail on the Virgin Mary Teddy.

Christopher Zenga said...

Thanks Brian,

I have a Special edition ink version of Fatima that I drew for some custom Skateboard decks and deck shoes that I will be showcasing in the coming months.
I appreciate you taking this time to post a comment.

Later days,

Christopher Zenga

Christopher Zenga said...

I want to take a moment ad say a HUGE thank you to B-Sol and the Vault of Horror for helping to make this launch a roaring success. An much love goes out to my friends and family for coming out to support The Day After and the macabre community.

Later days,

Christopher Zenga

E said...

What we are witnessing is the most original and coolest website (and drawings) going today! As I have stated many times, Chris, you're one hell of an artist! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Cute/killer, adorable/audacious, however you look at it, it is some very cool artwork!

Nike Air Force One said...


Anonymous said...



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