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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Vault of Horror Presents the First-Ever Cyber Horror Awards!

After weeks of debate and downloading, the balloting for the 2008 Cyber Horror Awards, the very first horror film accolades bestowed by online horror bloggers/writers, is complete. I'd like to thank the wide spectrum of talented and discerning participants who took part in voting on the nominees.

The results are in, and as many foresaw, the story of these awards' first year is the story of an unlikely foreign film that took the online genre community by storm in 2008. Let the Right One In captured seven of 12 CHAs, including every category in which it was nominated.

For a more detailed look at the winners, head over to the official page of the CHAs, but if you want to cut right to the chase here at the good ol' Vault, here you go:

Ray Harryhausen Award for Best Visual Effects
The Ruins

Albert S. D'Agostino Award for Best Production Design
David Hackl, Repo! The Genetic Opera

Tom Savini Award for Best Makeup
Greg Nicotero, Diary of the Dead and Mirrors

Bernard Herrmann Award for Best Score
Johan Soderqvist, Let the Right One In

Karl Freund Award for Best Cinematography
Hoyte Van Hoytema, Let the Right One In

Curt Siodmak Award for Best Screenplay
John Ajvide Lindqvist, Let the Right One In

Linnea Quigley Award for Best Supporting Actress
Lizzy Caplan, Cloverfield

Dwight Frye Award for Best Supporting Actor
Vinnie Jones, The Midnight Meat Train

Vincent Price Award for Best Actor
Kare Hedebrant, Let the Right One In

Jamie Lee Curtis Award for Best Actress
Lina Leandersson, Let the Right One In

David Cronenberg Award for Best Director
Tomas Alfredson, Let the Right One in

Val Lewton Award fort Best Film
Let the Right One In, EFTI

There you have it, dear readers, the horror blogosphere's take on the very best of 2008. I'd like to specifically thank the excellent writers who joined me in this exciting experiment:

If you're a horror blogger, or an online horror critic of any other variety, and you want to be considered for participation in next year's go-around of the Cyber Horror Awards, give me a holler.


BJ Colangelo said...

None of these surprise or disappoint me :) hurray!

Unknown said...

I'm looking over the results and I'm having trouble finding the nominated category that Let the Right One In didn't win. What am I missing?

B-Sol said...

You know what? You're right, Nate. I think I was thinking of Best Score. It ALMOST got edged out by Repo! The Genetic Opera, but a couple of last-minute votes turned the tide.

Unknown said...

So I'm not going crazy(er). Fantastic!

Gary D Macabre said...

I'm not sure how Ruins got best visual effects, I mean it was plastic foliage on string!!???

pot head pixie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pot head pixie said...

Let The Right One In is showing in Madrid this weekend at a special "fantastic film" session. Actually there's quite a lot of good stuff on so I might end up camped out there for a while! http://www.scifi.es/muestra/peliculas.php

pot head pixie said...

I saw Let The Right One In on a very big screen as part of the sci-fi channel's festival in Madrid last weekend - and what a film! Very beautiful and touching - and intelligent.

Nike Air Force One said...

Me too..

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