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Monday, October 12, 2009

TRAILER TRASH: H.P. Lovecraft Edition!


RayRay said...

It is unfortunate that Lovecraft either translates or has been translated into film so badly. The bunch that made The Re-Animator and From Beyond are certainly fans, and tried really hard, but missed the mark and fall into camp. And it is clear that some of the other attempts, like Dagon and Cthulhu, are adaptions of The Shadow Over Innsmouth, but they manage to ham-hand the stories.

Of any of his stories, Innsmouth is one of the better ones to try to translate into film as it is a rather straight forward matter with monsters that are rather easily envisioned for purposes of special effects. Instead they would rather mash up stories, put in otherwise useless subplots, and use a different title, much to the consternation of Lovecraft fans.

I have yet to see it, but one I would like to watch is The Dunwich Horror. While I have only heard dreadful reviews, it is one of the HP's better stories [not that any are bad]. However, I would also think it is one of the more difficult to translate into film, especially during the 70's era.

senski said...

I'm waiting for Del Toro to decide to take on Lovecraft. There are elements in the first Hellboy movie - especially that tentacled creature from another dimension - that lead me to believe he'd do an admirable job, and he certainly would have an appreciation for the importance of mood.

B-Sol, do you consider Beast Within a Lovecraft film? I thought it was based - admittedly loosely - on a 1981 paperback of the same name by Edward Levy. I know they borrowed some names from HPL for characters, but are there some other Lovecraftian themes or elements? At any rate, in the sub-genre of were-cicada movies, the first - and only - is still the best! (And why can't more trailers be concerned for our well-being?)

B-Sol said...

Unfortunately, Ray, I've heard the Dunwich Terror movie is terrible. And senski, there's no doubt that Del Toro was heavily influence by Lovecraft for the first Hellboy movie.

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