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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Ramblings from the Vault...

  • Going to see Where the Wild Things are this afternoon. Not sure who's more excited, my kids or me. It's pretty close.
  • I've been on a major Lovecraft reading tear lately. The season, I guess. He clearly was the 20th century Edgar Allan Poe. I also never realized how much his writing had unconsciously influenced my own.
  • Is it just me, or have there been a lot more horror movies shown on TV in recent years around October than there used to be? Halloween is becoming the new Christmas, isn't it?
  • To the Betsy Palmer geek stalker in the audience for last week's Friday the 13th screening in Stamford: Betsy didn't do Polident commercials in the '80s. You're thinking of Martha Raye. Embarrassing.
  • I'm excited about the idea of remaking Interview with the Vampire. The original film was woefully miscast. Not sure who I would cast though, let me think about that one...
  • Went to the Cloisters medieval art museum in NYC last week and couldn't believe how much of the stuff created in that era in Europe contained such horrifying images. Good thing I brought my camera. There will be a photo essay post coming very soon...
  • Rumor has it the Saw series has been greenlit through a sixth picture. I wonder if the filmmakers ever regret killing off Jigsaw in the third one.
  • I often also wonder who would win in a fight: Chucky or Leprechaun? Thoughts?
  • I worked really hard making up some spiffy new graphics for the "Best of the Vault" section of the right-hand sidebar, so check it out. You wouldn't want me to have wasted all that time, would you?
  • Just a reminder that Drag Me to Hell is now out on DVD. If you haven't already, make sure you watch and see Sam Raimi back doing what he does like no one else.
  • I'm going on the record as predicting that this Nightmare on Elm Street remake is going to be pretty damn good. Still unnecessary, but pretty damn good. Way better than the F13, TCM and Halloween remakes, anyway.


KT Grant said...

Interview with a Vampire remake? I didn't hear about this!

Wings1295 said...

Will probably end up seeing Where the Wild Things Are on DVD.

And why would they worry about killing off Jigsaw? He died like what? 2 movies ago? And he is still in the damn things!

Looking forward to The Nightmare on Elm Stree remake. Hope it is more along the F13 lines and NOT the Halloween remake path. Ugh!

Haven't seen Drag Me to Hell. Hope to!

Chuck Conry said...

Not only are they getting things ready for SAW 7, it's also going to be in 3-D...yay?

RayRay said...

Glad to hear of the Lovecraft kick. His works' influence infiltrate much of the genre. Plus, he kicks ass.

There is a collection recently published call The Necronomicon which has the entire Cthulhu cycle, and is only about $25 at a Barnes & Noble.

B-Sol said...

Chuck, I did not know about the 3-D thing. Believe it or not, I'm a bit intrigued by that. And Ray, I have been snatching up any Lovecraft collection I can get my hands on lately. I have the Joyce Carroll Oates one, the Neil Gaiman intro one, the Poppy Z. Brite intro one, the fancy-pants Penguin Books collection.

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