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Monday, July 12, 2010

TRAILER TRASH: King Kong Edition!


Sam Hain said...

I think we need a big budget remake of King Kong Escapes. I'd pay top dollar to see Kong fighting a big bad ass gorilla robot.

B-Sol said...

I'm a huge supports of the vastly underrated Mecha-Kong, so I'd be all for it!

Watch TV Shows said...

Its a very good post i like it very much i am in support of this.

gord said...

No King Kong Lives?

God I love King Kong. As opposed to many others out there, Kong is my Godzilla. I will buy and watch anything Kong related, no matter how much of a rip off it is.

It's sad that Kong never got the franchise treatment like Godzilla did, though I suppose that just makes the original more special.

B-Sol said...

Believe it or not, I scoured the Internet for the trailer to King Kong Lives, and couldn't find it anywhere :-(

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