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Thursday, July 22, 2010

VAULTCAST: Conversations in the Dark... w/Maweanne

I bet you've been laying up nights, just wondering when Conversations in the Dark would return... Well the answer is, right now! That's right, the Vaultcast returns just in time for the San Diego Comic-Con. As my guest this week I have someone who will actually be going to the event (unlike me)--and that's Maweanne (a.k.a. Maryanne Schultz) of The Spooky Brew.

Tonight we chat up this week's epic West Coast geekfest, as well as Maryanne's experiences as an honest-to-goodness horror movie makeup artist. Listen in on the embedded player below, or pay a visit to the new Vaultcast homepage, where you can also download it...

The Spooky Brew: http://spookybrew.blogspot.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/maweanne


Bill Dan Courtney said...

Haven't finsished the new Podcast and it is great. I like Maweanne's work and this PC makes em realize how much I have gotten behind with checking out the sites I used read all the time. I am often torn between wanting to do less on the net and my computer and wanting to get more and more into it. I need to studty Chinese and get back into guitar and drawing but at the same time I love this sort of stuff too.

I love Spooky Brew and am glad to hear from it's creator.

B-Sol said...

Glad you liked it, Bill! Hope you had a chance to hear the whole thing! I'd love to have you on one of these days--two people on opposite sides of the planet, that would be pretty cool.

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