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Friday, August 6, 2010

VAULTCAST: Conversations in the Dark... w/Britt Hayes

Make yourself comfortable tonight, ladies and gentlemen. Because this time around, we have a very special, double-length edition of Conversations in the Dark. As part of the ongoing Lucky 13 series in which both the Vault and Brutal as Hell are currently embroiled, I was originally going to be joined by BAH's Britt Hayes for back-to-back weeks, discussing both the recent zombie edition and upcoming sci-fi edition of The Lucky 13. But plans changed, and so instead we combined both into one mondo, 90-minute Vaultcast.

Fortunately for you, we happen to be two individuals with very radio-friendly voices, so it won't be too unpleasant to listen in as we ramble on ecstatically about both the living dead and the horrors of science fiction, along the way leaping madly into random non-sequiturs involving everything from the merits of Nic Cage's career and the hotness of Cillian Murphy, to the glories of the Anthony Weiner tirade and why the Friedberg/Seltzer spoof movies may be signaling the apocalypse.

You can listen on the embedded player below, or over at the official Vaultcast page. Download it right here--proud to declare, by the way, that the Vaultcast has grown so popular that I had to upgrade to a pro account on PodOmatic in order to accommodate all the bandwidth. Keep listening! My wallet doesn't thank you, but I do!

Brutal as Hell: http://www.brutalashell.com
Chud.com: http://chud.com/articles/authors/276/Britt-Hayes
Twitter: http://twitter.com/_iheartzombies

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