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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TRAILER TRASH: Cannibal Edition!


R. Sterling Gray said...

Amazing post. I started following just from seeing this post alone! Voodoo Rob loves cannibals.

Emily Louise Church said...

Cannibal Holocaust used to give me serious nightmares.
Btw if you follow my blog you need to unfollow then refollow for my posts to appear in your blog feed.

Jenny Krueger said...

I just gave you the zombie rabbit award http://memoirsofascreamqueen.blogspot.com/2010/08/zombie-rabbit-award-yay.html

Miguel Rodriguez said...

Excellent collection of trailers! Cannibal movies used to really get to me. I could only gain solace from the ones in which the natives have Moe haircuts.

B-Sol said...

Thanks Rob, hope you like what you find here!
Emily, I just saw CH for the first time *last year* and it gave me nightmares!
Jenny, thanks so much for the award!!
And Miguel, thanks for checking into the Vault of course!

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