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Friday, March 25, 2011

Announcing the 3rd Annual Cyber Horror Awards!

Finally! Yes, good ol' B-Sol has been dragging his feet just a bit on this, but at long last, the votes are all in and tallied, the winners have been identified, and the awards are officially posted. Head over to the official Cyber Horror Awards website to check it all out.

A plethora of powerhouse participants from across the horror blogosphere--including the likes of former TV Guide columnist Maitland McDonagh, Cinematical's Scott Weinberg, Rondo-winner Max Cheney, and Horror-Movie-a-Day's Brian Collins--sent in their two cents on the best that horror cinema had to offer in 2010. Its the only horror film awards voted on exclusively by the online horror journalism community, and I'm proud to present it for the third year running!

The big story this year was, of course, Black Swan, which landed a total of eight of the 13 CHAs. Not too hard to predict, especially in the case of Natalie Portman--who can now add the coveted CHA right next to that Oscar on her mantle. The Wolfman and Shutter Island also walked away with a couple each, and even the sci-fi horror flick Splice snagged one for the fascinating performance of Delphine Chaneac. For the complete list of winners, head over to the official Cyber Horror Awards website now!

And thanks to all the esteemed writers who voted this year:

Matt-Suzaka of Chuck Norris Ate My Baby
Scoob of The Horror Blog of a Dead Dreamer
Ms. Harker of Musings Across a Continuum
Nia Edwards-Behi of Cannibal Hollywood and the Abertoir Horror Festival
Dod March of The WGON Helicopter
Brandon Sites of Big Daddy Horror Reviews
Unkle Lancifer of the Rondo-nominated Kindertrauma
Joe O'Connor of Oductionproductions' Midnight Time Warp
Maitland McDonagh of TVGuide.com, AMCtv.com and FlickChick
Bryan White of the Rondo-nominated Cinema-Suicide
John W. Morehead of Theofantastique
Stu Conover of BuyZombie
BJ-C of Day of the Woman, The Blood Sprayer & FanGirlTastic
Bobby Blessed of Movie Cynics
Kreepylady Kristin of FanGirlTastic
BC of Horror-Movie-a-Day
Corey Lafferty of Evil on Two Legs
Jeff Atencio of The Jaded Viewer
Max Cheney of the Rondo-winning Drunken Severed Head
Keri O'Shea of Brutal as Hell
Alison Nastasi of Cinematical & Horror Squad
Scott Weinberg of Cinematical, Horror Squad & FEARNet
John Cozzoli of the Rondo-nominated Zombos' Closet of Horror
FromHell13 of Son of Celluloid


Matt-suzaka said...

Nice, glad to see Cassel get some much deserved love, and it's also nice to see Delphine Chaneac get her much deserved props for Splice.

B-Sol said...

Agreed! She was definitely the most memorable thing about that movie.

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