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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kevin Geeks Out Returns (Kind of) with a Dreamy Night of Dream Sequences!

For some time now, I've supported the work of a man truly doing great things in the realm of geek culture. That man is Kevin Maher, and his long-running series was known as Kevin Geeks Out, chronicled at length here in the Vault. Now, KGO may be history (for now), but I'm excited by the fact that the brilliant mind of Maher is still thriving, and the spirit of KGO lives on. Captain Cruella and I plan to be a part of it next Friday night, and we hope you will, too.

In the past, the KGO installments each took a specific aspect of geekery (robots, aliens, sharks, etc.) and built an entire show around it. This concept lives on in Tom Blunt's video variety show, Meet the Lady. Specifically, Blunt's next show is all about that tried-and-true tope of genre cinema, the dream sequence. And lucky for us, Tom will be partnering with Kevin to put together this sure-to-be-mesmerizing show. It all goes down Friday night at 92Y Tribeca in New York City, 8pm starting time (tickets only $12, so please go right here and snatch some up before they're all gone!)

Joining Tom and Kevin in this most worthwhile endeavor will be none other than my blogging comrade-in-arms, Ms. Tenebrous Kate of the Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire, who will be talking all about dream sequences in Italian gialli (worth the price of admission, in my opinion.) I'm also proud of the fact that the influence of the Captain and I has caused the creators of the event to include my personal favorite movie dream sequence of all time, the Labyrinth ballroom scene. Now, if David Bowie in a codpiece isn't enough to get you down there, I don't know what is.

In addition to presentations by Tom, Kevin and Kate, the two-hour show will also include a burlesque performance, a classical harpist, free snacks and more. I ask you, where else can you get entertainment like this, for just a smidge more than the price of a movie ticket? It's pop culture at it's finest, and I assure you, I will be there with bells on. Kevin Geeks Out has long been one of the highlights of my life as a professional nerd, and I'm thrilled to see that the tradition continues to live on. In fact, I can almost feel my own dream sequence coming on right about now....

[cue squiggly lines and harp crescendos....]


deadlydolls said...

So bummed I'll miss this one, but Horror Hound calls. Have fun!

MLB2k11 said...

Interesting to read all horror movies.


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