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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wanna Pay 100 Bucks for an Action Figure?

Me neither. But still, for the curious, here's a look at the Cloverfield monster action figure that Hasbro is selling exclusively through their website. These photos were posted there yesterday, even though the toy is not available until September 30.

And for anyone who does have a C-note that's just begging to be squandered, here's the lowdown. It's 14 inches tall, makes an authentic monster sound, and comes with ten parasites (yippee!), as well as a Statue of Liberty head accessory (we're doomed as a nation). Batteries not included, kids!
Well, at least we finally get a good look at the thing.


Mr. Karswell said...

Yeah it's weird, the movie will be out on dvd probably before the toy ever comes out. What's the deal?

But at least now it's finally safe to say that all those images of the creature that were all over the web were totally wrong too as none of them were even close.

B-Sol said...

I think the reason is that Hasbro didn't get the reference pictures for the creature until the movie came out, for confidentiality reasons. So they only started production in January. As for the images that hit the web, they must've been early/alternate designs.

Unknown said...

That's a pretty cool action figure, but I wouldn't $100 bucks for any toy.

cindy said...

yeah, probably the same guys that made the 'bumblebee' toy after transformers came out. that was almost a hunnerd bucks too!

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