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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

X-Files Set Pix: Hoax...or Cover-Up?

Last month, if you recall, there were some controversial spy shots from the set of X-Files 2 that leaked to the internet showing director Chris Carter and some guy in a werewolf mask. Quickly, the word spread that the highly anticipated sequel would be lycanthropic in theme--harkening back to an obscure season one episode, rather than the alien invasion storyline most fans had hoped to see resolved.
Now, Movieweb is reporting that the pictures were well-orchestrated fakes. According to someone claiming to be a crewmember, Carter intentionally had the photos leaked in order to throw off the fanboys.
Movieweb isn't questioning the new revelation, but Bloody-Disgusting points out that it's also very possible that this latest development is more like damage control. Could it be that the pix were legit, and now Carter and the studio are using some reverse psychology to invalidate what would otherwise be a major spoiler? Or could it be that I've watched too much X-Files myself? The truth is out there, people.
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