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Friday, April 23, 2010

After Dark Originals Posters Are Unveiled

By Paige MacGregor

As if bringing horror fanatics the 8 Films to Die For film series wasn't enough, After Dark Films earlier this year announced the inception of After Dark Originals, a festival dedicated to After Dark Films' own original productions (these are films completely financed and owned by ADF). Now After Dark Films has released three gorgeous one-sheets--one for the festival itself and one each for two of the films that will screen at the festival this year--that are sure to catch the fancy of even the most casual horror fan.

Below you can feast your eyes upon the posters for Prowl (vampires?) and Re-Kill (zombies?), two of the eight films that will be featured at After Dark Originals this year. Details on all eight films can be found at BloodyDisgusting.com. Be sure to check it out, as it looks like there are definitely some very worthwhile features included.


James Gracey said...

Cool stuff. The artwork for the After Dark movies is usually pretty interesting - even if the films aren't always successful. At least the effort to attempt something a little different is there. Thanks for sharing!

B-Sol said...

I do appreciate the effort at trying something different, as well. I've never been the biggest fan of After Dark, but this year looks like the most promising bunch yet.


very cool posters .

The Film Reel said...

I really hope their originals are better than their Horrorfest series. I can't say I've enjoyed very many of those so I really don't have high hopes for these films.

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