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Sunday, April 25, 2010

VAULT VLOG: The Alien Prequel Is a Bad Idea, and Enough with the 3-D Already


Jason Stroming said...

I was thinking of the "Star Wars" prequels too. Sometimes things are best left to the imagination. And too many movies these days try to explain everything and lead us, which I feel makes us lazy. That giant alien astronaut skeleton was an awesome and cryptic image, and explaining it in a prequel movie will never do it justice. Darth Vader was the most badass movie villain ever, the unstoppable, evil, Jedi-turned-Sith who slaughtered his bretheren for power and greed. The prequels made him a whiny emo bitch with stalkerish tendencies who was insecure about losing his chick. An icon was destroyed. They should just leave the "Alien" movies be. if they want to do us a favor, just destroy all copies of the 3rd and 4th movies and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

re 3d. my local cinema offers a discount if you keep the glasses and bring them with you next time you go. the 3d thing is def being overused. there are a lot of movies that dont need it like clash of the titans but then there are movies that make it work like how to train your dragon. with 3d movies doing well at the box office they wont be going away soon. dare i say it but im kinda looking forward to piranha 3d

Anonymous said...

And most 3d movies only have 3 actual 3d scenes !

B-Sol said...

Jay, you're completely right. Think about how excited everyone was about the SW prequels all those years ago... I, for one, have learned my lesson. Sometimes the mystery is better.

Anonymous, Piranha is certainly one movie that should be fun in 3-D. But 3-D really needs to be a specialty, not the norm. That's just ridiculous.

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