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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Horror Blog Roundup!

It's been a couple of months since I did this, so I figured this would be as good a time as any to spotlight some of the amazing things going on in the so-called "horror blogosphere" (damn, I should've trademarked that when I had the chance...) As always, there are a lot of very cool people doing some very cool things out there, and I could probably mention about 100 of them if I really wanted to (OK, maybe 80.) But in lieu of such an exhaustive (and exhausting) rundown, here instead is a roundup of just a few worthy highlights...

Big Daddy Horror Reviews: Roger Ebert made major waves recently by lashing out against Kick-Ass with a one-star review, thereby drawing the ire of many bloggers. Yet Battlin' Brandon Sites has taken the brave position of actually defended Mr. Ebert and his right to his opinion.

Evil on Two Legs: As an English major/horror fanatic, I really appreciated the collection of classic poems with a horror edge put together by the jocular Jon Minton, one half of Eo2L. Some great work by Adrienne Rich and Sylvia Plath, two moody favorites of mine.

Fandomania: The Vault's newest contributor, the precocious Paige MacGregor, recently capped off an excellent series over at her main digs, pertaining to the top 5 self-made superheroes of all time. Yeah, we all know who's number-one, but this is some geektastic stuff nevertheless!

Final Girl: If you haven't already been checking out the Bloggenaire interview series being put out by the sartorial Stacie Ponder in her highly popular corner of the web, you should be. Some truly hilarious Q&As with some of your fave horror bloggers, most recently the Rondo winner for Best Horror Blog, Max Cheney Considine!

Frankensteinia: For my money, the pugnacious Pierre Fournier's ode to Mary Shelley's monster may be the finest horror blog in existence, and all this week he's living up to that rep by spotlighting Bride of Frankenstein in honor of the 75th anniversary of that landmark motion picture.

The Horror Digest: Amblin' Andre Dumas has a knack for some of the most off-beat and quirky list posts you'll ever find, and she's certainly done it again with this special look at The Best Runners in Horror Movie History...

Kindertrauma: This here is a blog known for its excellence, and they've outdone themselves this time with a jaw-dropping visual study put together by the unctious Unkle Lancifer, taking a look at the similarities in Ridley Scott's Alien with both films that came before, and after. Amazing.

Legends and Lore of Illinois: The benevolent BJ-C of Day of the Woman was recently the subject of a very cool interview for the April issue of this online magazine that specializes in the paranormal. Check it out here.

Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire: If you were mildly amused by yesterday's recap of my Chiller Theatre exploits, then you need to check out the alternate experience of one Tenebrous Kate, who was also on hand. It's like watching the same event shot with two completely different cameras.

Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Movies: You will never find me passing up a review/discussion of Sleepaway Camp, and thus I was certainly drawn to this, the dastardly Duke of DVD's fascinating in-depth dissection of the '80s cult phenom.

That's it for now, folks. Stay tuned for more Horror Blog Roundups to come, spotlighting other fine folks doing great things!


kindertrauma said...

A tip of the hat from VOH, you can't do better than that. Thanks B-Sol!-Unk

Sharon Day said...

thanks for the listing--I'm always looking for interesting horror blogs that are compatible with mine and my tastes.

B-Sol said...

Anytime, Unk! I aspire to the greatness that is Kindertrauma!

You're welcome, Autumn. You've got a fascinating blog as well.

Pierre Fournier said...

Thanks, B-Sol, for the kind words and your enduring support.

B-Sol said...

You're more than welcome, Pierre. Thanks for all the dedication you bring to Frankensteinia!

The Vicar of VHS said...

Thanks for mentioning my colleague the Duke's work--he's planning on a whole series of SC reviews.

He'd thank you himself, but I believe he's questing in the Carpathians for some 300 year old port.

B-Sol said...

A series? Now I'm really intrigued. I think the poster for the second movie might be the single coolest thing about the entire franchise.

Jon said...

Thanks for mentioning my new post in the round up! I'm honored to be included among such fine bloggers.

B-Sol said...

As you know Jon, I appreciate the literary angle very much.

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