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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chloe Moretz Goes Vamp in Reeves' Let Me In

By Paige MacGregor

The first image of Chloe Moretz in Matt Reeves’ Let Me In appeared online Friday courtesy of Entertainment Weekly (although the image quality isn’t great because it was only available in print and therefore had to be scanned for the internet). Moretz is best-known for her recent breakout role as the controversial foul-mouthed, gun-toting superhero Hit Girl in Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass. When not decked out in a black mask and purple wig, Moretz looks like any other 13-year-old girl; vulnerable and innocent, perfect for her role as the unassuming yet inherently creepy young girl named Abby in Let Me In.

The image doesn’t give us much information about Reeves’ film, a remake of Swedish vampire movie Let the Right One In (based on the book by John Ajvide Lindgvist), unless you’re already familiar with the original. The blood dripping down Moretz’ chin in the still, however, does indicate that the actress gets to do some vampy stuff; and given her credentials, we’re hoping it’s more along the lines of Kick-Ass than Twilight. Regardless, the image confirms that Moretz really is involved with Let Me In (Let Me In is slated for release this October, and it was hard for me to believe I’d get another dose of the young actress in the same year as Kick-Ass), which has me much more excited about Reeves’ remake than I otherwise might be.

Despite the fact that I was bored by Let the Right One In (I know, I know, it’s an amazing movie and I’m going to re-watch because everyone tells me that it’s so good), I’m expecting quite a bit from Let Me In given the immense talent of Chloe Moretz, who reminds me of a young Natalie Portman in The Professional. I’m particularly curious to see Moretz’ portrayal of Abby, a mysterious girl who befriends the film’s protagonist, a 12-year-old outcast named Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee). Let Me In will follow Owen, a lonely boy who spends his days plotting revenge on the children that bully him and his nights spying on the other inhabitants of his apartment complex. Owen meets and befriends Abby, a girl around his age who only comes out at night and always with bare feet, seemingly impervious to the effects of the elements.

Peter Hall of Cinematical.com had the opportunity to speak with Matt Reeves at SXSW, and at that time the director made comparisons between Chloe and Linda Blair in The Exorcist:

"When I was working on Chloe I kept saying, it's not about playing a vampire,
it's about taking her and making her real and to deal with those darker sides of
ourselves, the primal nature. When you think of the Exorcist you think of Linda
Blair and pea soup and all this madness, but really if you look at the first
half of that film, the stuff between her and Ellen Burstyn is so naturalistic
and so real. She's incredible in it! People think 'Oh, it's the Exorcist and
she's just doing crazy,' but she's so terrific in it and so believable as this
young, 13-year old girl. That was really what I meant in the approach of trying
to get into that tone. To take this story as if it were utterly real, and if
it's real, that would be horrifying."
For more information on Reeves' film, visit the IMDb page for Let Me In.


Anonymous said...


Glad to not hear you swoon over Let the Right One in. Far from a bad movie but not the work of art so many people want it to be. I definitely prefer the British/American version.


B-Sol said...

Actually, this post was written by one of my contributors, Paige. I totally swooned over Let the Right One In :-)

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