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Friday, May 14, 2010

Iron Sky Footage: Nazis in Space!!

By Paige MacGregor
First there were Nazis. Then, there were zombie Nazis. Now, thanks to director Timo Vuorensola and writers Antti Hukkanen and Jarmo Puskala, we have Nazis invading the next logical film frontier: Space.

Vuorensola’s film is titled Iron Sky, and according to the plot synopsis on the movie’s official website, it concerns a significant breakthrough in anti-gravity which the Nazis made towards the end of World War II. In this piece of alternate history, they began launching spaceships from a secret base in the Antarctic in late 1945. The ships’ mission was to found a military base known as Schwarze Sonne, or Black Sun, on the dark side of the moon. The inhabitants were tasked with building a powerful invasion fleet and returning to Earth to take over the planet. Now it is 2018, decades after the countries of the world wiped out the last of the Nazi party (or so they thought), and the Nazi invasion is underway. Earth is in for a very rude awakening.

The first footage from the film was released this week, and contrary to my expectations and much to my delight, it looks really good. While the storyline grabbed me right off the bat due to my inexplicable fascination with Nazis (Død Snøw being one of my favorite horror films), the special effects featured in the trailer are really impressive for a film not backed by a major motion picture studio. The cast includes accomplished German TV and movie stars such as Udo Kier, Julia Dietze, Götz Otto and Tilo Prückner.

Iron Sky is set for release in Finland in January 2011, but the film’s website has a feature that allows visitors to enter their location and request that Iron Sky be released in their country/area. The site also offers various other ways for visitors to help promote the film, including ordering an Iron Sky Support Kit. Fans can also join the Iron Sky community and follow the film via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Flickr.


Pax Romano said...

And for some reason I'm thinking of Mel Brooks' "History of the World" - one of the coming attractions was called, "Jews in Space" and they had a giant ship that was shaped like a Star of David . Thank goodness they are there to protect us from the Space Nazis! ;)


Andrei said...

This is definitely going to be interesting...

B-Sol said...

Very interesting, no doubt! Pax, I heard this is actually supposed to be a dark comedy, so maybe we might actually get to see them square off with the Jews in Space...

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