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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

VAULTCAST: Interview with The Commune Writer/Director/Producer Elisabeth Fies

Elisabeth Fies' The Commune has been the talk of the blogosphere of late, and so it was only a matter of time before I got an opportunity to see the film. Having done that, I invited the woman behind the movie to enter the Vault and discuss her work. And since she is a feminist-minded filmmaker and fellow horror geek, it was inevitable that we would also touch on female perspectives in the horror genre as a whole.

Ms. Fies is a remarkably open and insightful person, who has been more than accessible to the online community, with recent interviews in places like Planet of Terror and Horror Society, and even a guest post on Kindertrauma. The Commune has been reviewed at places like Day of the Woman, From Midnight with Love, Fatally-Yours and Pretty-Scary. She was also recently nominated for the Golden Cob Award in the category of Best Emerging Director.

You can partake of the interview below, head to the Vaultcast page, or download it directly right here.

Official website: http://www.thecommunemovie.com/
The Commune on Facebook
Elisabeth Fies on Twitter


Kidsis said...

Ha! I love that you chose the pic of me in zit cream & no makeup. Fun! :)

We should talk again soon about the female pov thing...I'm curious what you've observed with watching things with your daughter, etc. Fascinating stuff.

You can watch THE COMMUNE online for 5 bucks at Indieflix.

If anyone out there is voting-inclined, here's the link to the Golden Cob Awards.

Look forward to talking to everyone; drop me a line!

Kidsis said...

Oh see that was stupid, because I'm addressing Brian as "you" and then the readers out there as "you". Apologies. Red wine and late night posting: when will I learn?

Anonymous said...

Dag nabit! I started listening to it this morning before work and then I headed in thinking I could listen to the rest while falling asleep, er I mean working at my desk. Blocked at work! Blargh.

Anywhos, I'll catch the rest tonight. Thanks for the shoutouts B-Sol. And to the awesome Ms. Fies, continued best wishes in getting (much deserved) recognition and exposure for your fantastic film!

B-Sol said...

Heh heh, yikes, sorry! I was a bit bleary-eyed myself by two in the morning... Pic changed!

And dammit James, you should've just called in sick.

kindertrauma said...

Great Vaultcast. I could listen to you and Fies talk about Wicker man and Alien all day.-Unk

B-Sol said...

And I think we probably could've happily talked about that all day!

BJ Colangelo said...

Absolutely fabulous. She's such an inspirational lady :)

B-Sol said...

And thanks to you, Brittney, for putting Ms. Fies on the VOH radar!

Strange Kid said...

A fantastic interview, B, and the trailer looks phenomenal! I can't wait to check it out on Indieflix.

Congrats to you, Elizabeth!

Todd Miro said...

Great interview Lis! Keep up the good work.

Kidsis said...

Oh wow Strange Kid, digging Cartoon Funland!!! Just pimped it on Twitter :)

The rest of you are just fabulous!

And B-sol, awww look at you being all providing and caring...I can tell you're an awesome dad and husband! I totally wasn't pulling the girl thing of *hinting* to take my pic down. I'm weird; think it's fun to see what each interviewer picks from the film stills et al, and I think it's cool you liked an un-gussied up one of me! It's the t-shirt for Andrew Rose and Heidi Martinuzzi's February Women In Horror Film Festival, Pretty Scary Blood Bath. Here's the photo: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/photo.php?pid=3208541&id=666503217

The Mike said...

Wow, I'm linked on VoH! I feel like I've made the big time!

Haven't had a chance to listen yet, due to work, but am betting it's safe to say keep up the awesome work to both of you!

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