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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FEARnet.com Offers a Sneak Peek at Some Paranormal Nazi Shenanigans!

I'm proud to announce that the upcoming modern-day exploitation flick known as Ratline--executive-produced and co-starring longtime Friend of the Vault and Vault contributor Jessie "Nos" Seitz of Gothic Beauty magazine--will soon be getting a bit of sneak preview at FEARnet.com. Beginning Monday, July 12, the web component of the on-demand horror service will be showing an entire scene from the movie, currently in post-production in anticipation of a release later this year.

Ratline tells the story of an ex-Nazi occultist who found a way to escape capture and survive the decades by paranormally extending his youth, taking refuge in a small Midwestern American town. There he crosses paths with a girl on the lam from cops due to a drug-money heist gone bloodily wrong. Unfortunately, she also gets mixed up in his despicable plot to return to his SS work and unleash supernatural havoc on the world.

The newest production of Wicked Pixel Cinema, the film is directed by Eric Stanze, previously known for Scrapbook, which was named 2001's Best Independent Film of the Year by Rue Morgue magazine. You can find out more about Ratline at:
Congrats once again to Jessie, and be sure to check out FEARnet.com starting July 12 for the clip!


Anonymous said...

Wow, this sounds great. More Nazi occultist movies please!

B-Sol said...

That's what I always say!

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