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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fear in Four Colors: Victorian Undead #2: “The Skull Beneath the Skin”

Writer: Ian Edginton
: Davide Fabbri
: Carrie Strachan
: Saida Temofonte
: Simon Coleby & Jonny Rench
: DC Comics
Publication Date
: Jan. 1, 2010

Even the threat of imprisonment cannot deter the inquisitive minds of one Sherlock Holmes and his faithful companion, Dr. Watson, when faced with the walking dead. In the second issue of writer Ian Edginton’s Victorian Undead, a six-issue miniseries from WildStorm that pits Britain’s infamous detective against hordes of mindless reanimated corpses, Watson and Holmes make their way back to the scene of the first undead attack, deep underground the streets of London. What they discover there is beyond anything the pair could’ve imagined, and as things below the surface escalate, our heroes must hope for a miracle in the face of a painful and bloody death.

Once again ,Ian Edginton and artist Davide Fabbri deliver an excellent mash-up of traditional Sherlock Holmes story and the gory antics of the living dead. Edginton’s version of the British detective is characteristically intelligent, but thankfully lacks the patronizing nature that some portrayals of Holmes employ. Although he usually is a step or two behind his quick-witted companion, Watson is given an opportunity to demonstrate his own deductive reasoning in Victorian Undead #2, and I must admit that I was surprised by the degree of competence that he displays.

Unlike the first issue of Victorian Undead, which only featured one or two shambling corpses that were dispatched very quickly, the second issue of this series is far bloodier, much more action-packed, and filled with zombies! The interactions that Watson and Holmes have with the living dead in Victorian Undead #2 give the two an opportunity to demonstrate their physical prowess and sharp-shooting skills in addition to the intellectual and reasoning capabilities generally on display in Sherlock Holmes stories.

Each issue of Victorian Undead runs about 28 pages, so only so much story development can happen with each new installment. Fortunately, Edginton does an excellent job of moving the story along at a quick pace while still providing the reader with enough details to keep him or her from getting lost. Davide Fabbri’s art is the perfect compliment to Edginton’s story—both detailed and somewhat stylized, an excellent balance for the series.

If you enjoy the zombie genre and have an extra $2.99 lying around, I’d recommend that you pick up this issue of Victorian Undead. It’s debatable whether or not you need to read the first issue to understand the second, but I’d recommend at least flipping through the original if you intend to read issue #2. -- Paige MacGregor


Scare Sarah said...

Ah, some lite reading! Love it.

Strange Kid said...

I'm glad to hear that issue #2 amped up the action a bit. I kind of lost interest after the first issue, a little too much exposition IMO for a zombie-related mash-up. I'm still loving the artwork as well.

If only movies were this cool. :)

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