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Friday, September 3, 2010

VAULTCAST: Conversations in the Dark... w/Kristy Jett

For the first time ever, this time around in Conversations in the Dark we spend our allotted minutes focusing on one film and one film only...more or less. It's an exceptional kind of show this week, but one makes exceptions when one is joined by an online horror dynamo the likes of Ms. Kristy Jett, the omnipresent force whose work can be found on sites like The Blood Sprayer, Fangoria.com and Dread Central, and who is one of the guiding lights behind Fright Rags, online horror T-shirt merchant extraordinaire.

See, Kristy happens to be obsessed with the 1991 slasher/William Castle tribute Popcorn, and since she asked so nicely, we spent a solid half hour-plus waxing rhapsodic about that particular motion picture, amongst a few other random things that will pop up whenever you get two consummate blabbermouths together. So listen in as Kristy and I discuss the film itself, as well as Ms. Jett's ambitions to put together a special-edition, 20th anniversary DVD release worthy of it. Listen below, or head to the Vaultcast page and download!

The Blood Sprayer: http://bloodsprayer.com
Fright Rags: http://www.fright-rags.com


Pax Romano said...

What a joy it is listening to you two - this served as great background while I was cooking today. I love this movie, and have not seen it in years.


The Mike said...

Great stuff! I love this film, and the passion y'all have totally runs through.

Also, thanks for the tangent on Deranged. I have a copy but have never gotten around to it...will have to remedy that soon.

Japan Cinema said...

awesome to hear you guys, ill go back into the archives and here some previous episodes faaa shoooO!

B-Sol said...

Thanks guys! Pax, glad we could make your cooking that much more enjoyable :-) Mike, happy to spread the love on Deranged--great flick. And Japan, I'm flattered! Hope you enjoy the other episodes.

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