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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Modern-Day "Heart" Transplant

Bloody Disgusting broke the news today that "The Tell-Tale Heart", Edgar Allen Poe's classic short story, will be brought to the silver screen in 2010. One of the Victorian horror master's finest works for my money, it's the story of a murderer driven mad by the imagined heartbeat of his victim emanating from the floorboards under which he buried him.
With Josh Lucas (American Psycho) in the lead, Tell-Tale will be a contemporary reimagining. Lucas plays a single father with a transplanted heart who must find the donor's killer before he is also killed.
Poe's tale has already been adapted multiple times over the past 75 years, including: 5 features, 3 TV versions, 9 short films, 3 animated shorts, and even one feature currently in production.


Dove said...

Hi, it sounds like an interesting take on this tale. I re-read the original recently and had forgotten how well it was written.


B-Sol said...

Yeah,this is probably my all-time favorite Poe story. Either this or The Imp of the Perverse. Poe had some issues, but thankfully, we can all enjoy the fruits of them today lol...

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