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Friday, November 30, 2007

Tom Cruise to Return as the Vampire Lestat?

Very unexpected news today for one of the most infamously troubled novel-to-film franchises ever. An anonymous spy has reported to Bloody-Disgusting that United Artists is in talks to land the rights to The Tale of the Body Thief, the fourth volume in Anne Rice's mostly superb Chronicles of the Vampires.
More than that, rumor has it that Tom Cruise, who played the lead role of Lestat in 1994's Interview with the Vampire, may be returning to the part. The book tells the story of the French bloodsucker's attempt to regain his humanity by switching bodies with a mortal.
Many fans of Rice's work were disappointed with the Cruise casting 13 years, so they can't be pleased this time around either. But then again, most also felt that the atrocious Queen of the Damned adaptation five years ago had driven a definitive stake through the heart of this series...

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