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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Freddy: The Early Years?

File this one under "long -standing and incredibly stubborn rumors." This probably is far from news to anyone who closely follows the horror movie scuttlebutt on the internet, but the persistent talk of a Nightmare on Elm Street prequel is something that, much like Freddy Krueger himself, just won't die.
It's been whispered about ever since a March 2006 interview that Nightmare star Robert Englund gave to the Pit of Horror, in which he described a film tentatively titled A Nightmare on Elm Street: The First Kills (also rumored to have the far superior title Elm Street: The First Murders) The proposed flick would deal with Freddy's often-recounted backstory, in which he sliced up a bunch of schoolkids and was burned alive by revenge-minded parents after his acquittal.
New Line is said to still be eyeing the project, but there hasn't been any movement in months, despite great interest from the fanbase. It's expected that Englund would reprise his role as everyone's favorite bastard son of a thousand maniacs. Hey, if studios are willing to greenlight every half-assed remake that comes down the pike, surely they can give this a chance.
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