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Monday, November 12, 2007

Nosferatu Rises Again on DVD

For many, it's not just the first great horror film, but still among the very finest of all time. And now, thanks to Kino International, it's finally getting the treatment it deserves.
In one week, the "Ultimate DVD Edition" of the 1922 F.W. Murnau masterpiece Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror will be released. A startling example of film restoration, the movie has been brought as close to its original grandeur as is humanly possible, including the original color tinting and a re-recording of the original score.
The edition also boasts:
  • The original German intertitles, plus the option for either newly translated English intertitles or subtitles.
  • "The Language of Shadows", a making-of documentary.
  • A short documentary on the restoration, which can be watched in its entirety here.
  • Lengthy excerpts from other Murnau films.

Basically, this thing is a treasure trove for any serious horror fan, so much so that I may even dust off the ol' wallet to spring for it, despite already owning an earlier edition. You can pre-order it here.


Dove said...

I have only seen this once some time ago, so I may have to get this one for the collection. Did you ever see Shadow of the Vampire, which is the film that explored the rumour that Max Schreck was, in fact, a real vampire?

B-Sol said...

I only saw it once, when it first came out on video. I did enjoy it very much, and I remember hearing the urban legends about Shreck even before that movie was made.

Jo said...

I'll need to pick this up on DVD. I've only seen Nosferatu a handful of times, and each time is just as entertaining.

And thanks for the reminder about Shadow of the Vampire, I really need to get on picking that up. Max Shreck is quite the interesting character, even just based on looks alone.

B-Sol said...

I've heard tell that he didn't really require much make-up to play the role. Freaky stuff....

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