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Monday, July 28, 2008

Englund and Other Originals Out of New "V" Project

If you can ignore the '80s-hotness of Jane Badler for just a moment, I'd like to pass along some news on everyone's favorite sci-fi/horror TV miniseries. In talking to Cinema Blend at--you guessed it!--Comic-Con, V-veteran Robert Englund stated in no uncertain terms that the proposed new miniseries NBC has been developing for the past three years (!) will in fact be a complete remake, with new actors taking the place of people like himself, Marc Singer and Ms. Badler (pant, pant).

Judging by certain bone-headed complaints raised by peacock execs, it appears some of the hold-up may be over concerns that the new V miniseries will appear to have "ripped off" Independence Day. In other news, the new Dune movie is rumored to be "ripping off" Star Wars...Sigh...


AndyDecker said...

Lol. They really reached the point where the snake devours itself, or?

It must be nice to live in a world without history ;-))

With this mindset a remake of V can be truly fun. The incredibly heavy-handed Resistance parabel of yesterday - which V was - must just be a horror for todays tv-exec like the ending, where the heroes basically fight the invaders by poisoning the world with bio-weapons.

B-Sol said...

V was a very fun and entertaining miniseries in its day. It would be interesting to possibly see it reinvented, the way Battlestar Galactica was.

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