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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Universal Screens Wolf Man Footage at Comic-Con

As the promising remake of The Wolf Man grows steadily nearer, it has been reported that those who attended its panel for the film Friday afternoon at the San Diego Comic-Con were treated to some highlights.

Quint of Ain't It Cool News has filed an eyewitness report from the panel, which included makeup master Rick Baker, as well as Benicio "Larry Talbot" del Toro and his leading lady Emily Blunt. Quint describes gory scenes of assorted werewolfery, as well as Anthony "Sir John Talbot" Hopkins brandishing the same silver-headed cane seen in the 1941 original.

Unfortunately, he also reports on Baker's apparent frustration that although the actual Wolf Man is his own creation (“What I did in this film wasn’t all that different from what Jack Pierce did in the original”), the transformation scenes will be handled with CGI.

This remake really could go either way at this point, but I continue to be hopeful (what can I say, I'm just built that way.) In the meantime, check out the entire description here.

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In other news, I've just discovered that my post from a few days back containing the leaked pix of the new Jason Voorhees has mysteriously vanished from The Vault of Horror. Lest you think I've backed down in the face of studio pressure, dear reader, let me assure you that the removal occurred without my knowledge or permission. I'm assuming it's something Blogger did either preemptively, or in response to some kind of cease & desist order from New Line. Well, well, well, I suppose I'm not as "under the radar" as I supposed...


gord said...

Having recently gone on a werewolf film binge, I'm incredibly excited for this film. I also love that it'll be a period film as well. None of this 'updated' crap.

B-Sol said...

I agree, with all the new versions of Dracula and Frankenstein over the decades, its about time someone took a look at the third of Universal's "unholy trinity".

gord said...

Though to be fair (and maybe I'm unknowledgeable or ignorant) it seems to me like there have been more quality werewolf films (post 1960s or so) than quality Dracula and Frankenstein films.

Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

I am looking forward to werewolf. Shame about the image of Voorheis. I'm fascinated by what they'll do to reboot the series. Unfortunately, I don't think Zombie was that successful with Halloween. Who wants a humanized Michael Meyers.

B-Sol said...

"it seems to me like there have been more quality werewolf films"

Probably true, but actually, the specific story of the original Wolf Man itself has never been remade, whereas, say, the specific story of Dracula as been remade (as opposed to vampire movies of other kinds).

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