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Monday, July 14, 2008

Scream 4 Announced - Neve Campbell Rejoices; Rest of World Mourns

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the movies and not see David Arquette, Dread Central is reporting today that the Weinsteins have officially announced Scream 4.

The announcement was made in a pretty much off-hand way, as part of a press-release detailing the Weinsteins' deal to distribute their 2009 theatrical slate to Showtime's pay-TV service. It just so happens that one of the films the release mentions as part of that slate is the long-rumored fourth installment of horror's most unnecessary series.

No further details are known yet, including whether or not Wes Craven will direct (unlikely) or whether or not the trinity of Neve Campbell, Arquette and Courtney Cox--who miraculously survived the original trilogy--will be returning (likely).

Starting off as a clever idea and a fresh new take on the slasher genre (not to mention a shot in the arm for Craven's faltering career), the series went rapidly downhill as soon as it became a series. The drop-off in quality was immediate, and what was at first a great concept just became pointless and repetitive. Nevertheless, they did make a hell of a lot of money, so it looks like Ghostface is off to the races again, kids!

1 comment:

gord said...

These films were big for me when they were first released. Especially as a young(ish) guy fully embracing the horror genre.

That being said, the 2nd one has not aged well and is pretty awful, and the first one doesn't feel all that fresh anymore. Though, and I hate to admit it, I love the 3rd one. I can see why most wouldn't, and it's pretty damned ridiculous, but I have this weird love and obsession with self referential films, like Gremlins 2.

Though I worry now about where the series could go. The films were still interesting to me, but the stories got more and more ridiculous as the sequels kept coming.

Even though they aren't your cup of tea, thanks for posting the news!

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