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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corey Haim 1971-2010

A last fire will rise behind those eyes,
Black house will rock, blind boys don't lie.
Immortal fear, that voice so clear,
Through broken walls, that scream I hear.

Cry, little sister - Thou shall not fall.
Come to your brother - Thou shall not die.
Unchain me, sister - Thou shall not fear.
Love is with your brother - Thou shall not kill.

Blue masquerade, strangers look on,
When will they learn this loneliness?
Temptation heat beats like a drum,
Deep in your veins, I will not lie.

Deeply tragic news this morning, particularly for children of the '80s. Corey Haim, one of the most popular Generation X teen heartthrobs, has died of an apparent drug overdose. Sadly, Haim's life seemed to be one of suffering, both from the damage of the substances he put into his body, and also the catastrophic effects of the well-worn path trod by so many child stars whose light fades as they pass into full adulthood.

Corey is best known to horror fans for his roles in Silver Bullet (1985) and especially The Lost Boys (1987), in which he co-starred with fellow '80s teen idol Corey Feldman. That latter film was perhaps the highlight of his entire career--an edgy vampire comedy adored by virtually anyone who enjoys '80s horror. For a certain generation, that movie is legendary--and because of it, Haim will always be fondly remembered.

The sad part of this is that, despite his well-publicized personal problems, Haim appeared to working hard to get his career back on track. Following some recent reality TV appearances that raised him back into the public spotlight, he had begun working more often again, and according to IMDb, currently has an astounding nine projects either in the can or in pre-production, waiting to be released.

On a personal note, there was a certain period in the late 1980s and early 1990s, during which Corey Haim's smiling baby-face was an ever-present image in my home. You see, my little sister was one of those girls with the Tiger Beat and Bop posters all over the wall. In fact, if memory serves, Corey Haim was her very first celebrity crush. And so, in some weird way, hearing the news of his passing this morning felt like a bit of my youth being ripped away.

Like so many child stars before him, Corey Haim has finally found the peace that eluded him for so long in life. What a horrible pity.

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KT Grant said...

So sad how drugs can take away such wonderful talent. When you think of the best in teen horror movie, as well as teen movies from the late 80's to early 90's it was Corey Haim.

Wings1295 said...

Sad indeed.

Theron said...

I always loved him in those '80s flicks. He'll always be that kid strolling through the Frog brothers' comic shop, trading barbs are rearranging comic books...

Professor Brian O'Blivion said...

So sad...

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