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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Random Ramblings from the Vault...

  • Must say I greatly enjoyed seeing a horror movie tribute at the Oscars. Could I have done without the Twilight kids introducing it? Yeah, but that was made up for by The Shining, Nosferatu, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Blob, Alien, Jaws, Rosemary's Baby--*inhale*--The Exorcist, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Silence of the Lambs, Saw, Psycho, Carrie, Night of the Living Dead, Little Shop of Horrors, Misery, The Omen...OK, I'll stop. Yeah, it was pretty cool.
  • Speaking of the Oscars, how about the director of Near Dark winning for Best Director? Congratulations, Ms. Bigelow. Somewhere, your brother Bam Bam is smiling down on you.
  • So I had a lot of fun with Alice in Narnia--or rather, Alice in Wonderland, excuse me. It was indeed a visual feast and a pleasure, even if Lewis Carroll probably would've been left scratching his head at the sheer direness of it all.
  • I get sad when I think of all the great horror character actors of the past, guys like Peter Lorre and Dwight Frye, who would've had even more notoriety today in my opinion, in a time when character-style actors without marquee good looks are allowed to shine in big-time starring roles.
  • Not to sound precious or trite, but I don't know if I saw a horror movie in 2009 as horrifying or upsetting to me as the documentary film The Cove, which deservedly won the Oscar.
  • Thank you, Calabrese, for keeping horror rock alive. These guys are really outstanding. I have an interview lined up with the band later this week, so stay tuned.
  • How weird is it to think that George Romero has made just as many zombie movies in the last five years of his career as he made in the first 20?
  • Coolest Universal werewolf: Henry Hull or Lon Chaney Jr.?
  • So Leprechaun, Pinhead and Jason have all gone to space. Which one was the worst disaster? I say Leprechaun by far. In fact, I contend the other two are somewhat salvageable. But Leppy? No way.
  • If you haven't had a chance yet, check out the winners of the 2009 Cyber Horror Awards. Thanks again to all who voted!


oducerproducer said...

Bam Bam!

And i hate Leprechaun so i'll go with that for worst in Space

William Malmborg said...

Wow, I completely missed the horror tribute. I can't believe it. I guess that's what happens when you just watch the monologue in the beginning and then switch the channel because you get bored with everything else. Ugh, if only I had known they would do that tribute though, I might have stuck around.

Unknown said...

My gripe with the horror film montage was the inclusion of EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and TWILIGHT?!! Blech. Still, it was great to see a shot of EVIL DEAD 2 sneak in there, but no Argento?!!

B-Sol said...

I think we can all agree about Twilight. As for Scissorhands, I think basically that was a part of the section of the montage designed to show more of the lighter, comedic side of things--hence Beetlejuice and the slapstick moment from From Dusk Till Dawn. Just like I think things like Dark Water and TCM 4 were included to show mainstream actors who got their start in horror.

B-Movie Becky said...

Yeah, I was happy to see horror get some recognition at the oscars. In general, I was happy to see genre films nominated for best pic this year. Sci-fi and action. That's rare.

I like your point about Romero's career. That is pretty crazy.

forestofthedead said...

You are well written as usual sir, except for disliking Leprechaun 4. Love that series.

HorrO said...

I agree. Why did the Twilight losers have to introduce the horror tribute? While horror fans were probably happy to see horror at the Oscars, we got slapped in the face with these Twilight people again. They are like the plague now, they are everywhere. The tribute was cool, but as expected they missed out on including some movies, and should have excluded others. Anyone want to guess when the Oscars include horror movies again?

Unknown said...

Critters also went into space....just sayin

B-Sol said...

Forest--even Leprechaun in the Hood and Back to tha Hood?? lol

And Maryanne--thanks for reminding me about Critters in space. Wow, flashback!

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