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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

VAULTCAST: Conversations in the Dark... w/Brad McHargue

Seems like everyone loves to point out which horror films are "overrated". Hell, I just made my own list of them last month. It's one thing to point out certain movies that a lot of people can agree get more credit than they deserve, but what about those films that everyone just seems to love but you? Brad McHargue, writer for HorrorSquad and author of the blog I Love Horror, is used to this problem, as his opinions are often far from the majority. Good thing he's not afraid to piss people off.

Which is also why he makes a great guest. This week on Conversations in the Dark, he joins me to talk about movies like Drag Me to Hell and Grace, which many people adored, but Brad thought were dogcrap. Plus, I get into my own continued disdain for the beloved Blair Witch Project, and we both scratch our heads at those who call Paranormal Activity overrated.

It's a whole lot of angst and perplexedness this week in the Vaultcast, so listen in below! Or proceed to the Vaultcast home page and download the sucker...

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In other news, when you have a chance, release your inner Kraken by heading over to Bloody-Disgusting.com to check out my latest list: The 21 Most Kick-Ass Giant Monsters in Movie History, in honor of the impending Clash of the Titans remake...

1 comment:

Christopher Zenga said...


I still think the ending of Blair witch, when Heather finds mike staring at the wall just before she dies is one of the most intense endings ever!

I was terrified by Paranormal Activity!! I seem to get freaked out easier ever since I hit 30, because very few people found that film scary.

I will stand by this until I die, and if you read my posts here at the Vault you will have heard this before no film EVER has frightened me to my core like the original SHUTTER until PA came out.

P.S I have a DVD copy with the ending where the cops kill Katie, GOOOOD ending!

This was a great, GREAT, debate B. Please keep them coming!

Later days,


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