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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Many Faces of John Saxon

Property of Synapse FX
(Link added at the demand of Synapse FX, who threatened to have my entire blog taken down if I did not comply.)


Matt-suzaka said...

Ugh, love the Sax. He is a cult film icon in the truest sense. I got to met him a year or two ago, and he was incredibly kind and just as tan. I look liked a ghost next to him!

matango said...

Now I have the Enter the Dragon theme stuck in my head.

Jose Cruz said...

Very nice lineup of pics! I had never seen photos of Sax when he was younger. God does he look different. I think he's an example of one of those people who gets better looking as they get older. And I mean that in a totally manly way.

He's going to be at Screamfest this October. I can't wait to meet him! Horror films aside, I'd just be pumped to see him as that white guy who was in Enter the Dragon.

B-Sol said...

Matt, I'm glad your Saxon experience was far better than your Savini one. Long live the Sax!

Joe said...

I just watched him in "The Appaloosa" (photo #4), playing a Mexican ranchero who tortures Marlon Brando. His accent was questionable, but he never lost his cool. Not too long before that, I saw him doing a South African accent, opposite Lance Henriksen in a little-known flick called "The Last Samurai." Man, this guy really gets around! Like Henriksen, he can somehow bring dignity to just about any role.

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