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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Watch the Trailer for the New Scott Sigler Novel, Ancestor!

Novelist Scott Sigler has a new book in the works, and was kind enough to pass along the new trailer for it--which, impressively enough, he made himself. As Stacie Ponder pointed out in her own coverage, it's surreal enough that big novels actually get their own trailers these days. But for the author to make it himself? That's some gusto, right there. This kid's a real go-getter, and he's gonna go far.

Wait, what am I saying? He already has. Sigler, as many of you know, is the author of the highly successful Infected (2007), and its sequel Contagious (2008). Those two were originally published in 2007 as two of the world's first podcast-only novels, and then later reached print. Interestingly enough, Sigler's new novel, Ancestor, was first released in podcast form before either of those two. But on June 22, a hardcover edition will finally be available.

It's a tale of genetic engineering gone wrong, of scientists out to breed an animal ripe for organ harvesting, only to have the whole thing blow up in their faces when the creature they create doesn't turn out to be as controllable as they anticipated. Check out the aforementioned trailer for yourself:

Pretty nifty, no? And with a cameo by the author himself, no less. For more on Sigler and his fiction, jump to his website. Also, Scott has agreed to an interview right here in the Vault next week, so keep an eye out!


Zach. said...

Haha my cousin's in that trailer. Pretty awesome.

le0pard13 said...

"... that sure is f*ck ain't no cow!"

That line alone made the book trailer worth it. The whole thing is pretty damn remarkable for a home-grown work by the author. Thanks for this.

Theron said...

Trailers for novels. It's a brave new world out there, eh?

B-Sol said...

It certainly is! And this certainly is an impressive piece, as book trailers go.

Aaron Proctor said...

Thanks for posting the trailer!

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